Thursday, April 1, 2010

Getting Scared

This is not a technical post, it’s personal, but I need to express my fears.  It isn’t about our economy, or that I may lose my job.  I’m confident our economy will rebound (eventually) despite the best efforts of Congress and the President.  My job is fairly secure, at least for another year.


No, today I found out that my daughter has received her orders regarding her first duty station, Fort Gordon, GA.  There is a very good possibility that see will be deploying overseas within weeks of her arriving there, most likely Afghanistan.

As veteran, I understand what this means, but as a parent, I have never been so scared in my life.  In many ways, I wish I could in her place, but I know that can not happen.  I pray her training serves her and her unit well if this is what truly transpires.  I Pray that God watches over her and her battle buddies daily and that she will come home safely.

I am sure that this is same feeling that every parent, spouse, girl or boy friend, and children go through every time a unit is deployed.  It’s so hard when mind understands but the heart doesn’t, or is it actually the other way around?


To all who serve, My God watch over you and your families.  May you all return home safe to your families.

God Speed and Safe Journey.