Friday, May 1, 2009

Published, Again!

I have written two new articles and they are going to be published, not on SSC but on SSWUG.  I thought I'd help out Chris Shaw a bit and write a few articles for him as well.  Plus it broadens my horizons some as well.

The first article, based on numerous posts here on SSC is titled Deleting Numerous Rows from a Table, and will be published on May 25th.  It shows how to delete records in batches and control the size of the transaction log files, if the database is using the bulk logged or full recovery model.  This article originally started as my first blog entry, but when I finished it, it seemed more like an article.

The second article, to be published on June 1st, is titled The Dynamic Tally or Numbers Table.  I wrote this one after reading an article in SQL Server Magazine about creating a tally table.  I think you will find the methodology behind my dynamic tally table much more performant than the one in the SQL Server Magazine article.

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