Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Latest Articles

A few weeks ago I mentioned my blog that I would have two articles published on  Well, they have been published and are available to members of

The first article, published on May 26th, is titled Deleting Large Number of Records.

The second article, published on June 1st, is titled The Dynamic Tally or Numbers Table.

I am a somewhat disappointed that only paid members can read these articles at this time, as I am sure they would have been read by many more people by now than have read them on

Once I am able to republish these two articles, I will submit them to Steve Jones on SSC where I am certain they will get a much wider reading then they have so far to date.

Although disappointed by the low number of views, I do plan on writing additional articles for, as it is one way to get free monthly memberships.  But I am also going to try and write more articles so that I can also have some published on SSC as well.  Hopefully as I get more proficient and prolific, I'll have multiple articles be published on multiple sites at the same time, and be able to republish the more restricted ones later.

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